Project Xuan Phuong urban area located on the land, "yellow" 200 hectares in Xuan Phuong - Nam Tu Liem is currently the focus of the real estate market in Hanoi. As a project owner, Nam Tu Liem District Committee wishes to bring the inspiration of nature and relaxation to every resident of the urban area, like a lush forest in the cool city.

Xuan Phuong urban area of ​​Hanoi is allocated to each investor credibility and capacity, implementation of different projects in the master plan include:
Staff housing area Nhan Dan and Central Office Party - 126 and 642 adjacent apartments apartment assigned to JSC TASCO
Housing Area Office staff Congress - 480 apartments delivered to JSC Investment and Urban Song Da Industrial Zone 7
Park Town Prohibition - 25.5 ha
Happiness Hospital
Housing area 49.1 hectares - Tasco Joint Stock Company is planning
Foresa Villa - 813 + townhouse villas - JSC Tasco